The first book of airs de cour was Adrian Le Roy’s Airs de cour miz sur le luth, published in 1571. The form also had considerable influence on the related tradition of the better known English ayre (or lute song), although the French tradition lasted much longer, and produced a much larger corpus of music. While all known books of English lute songs were published between 1597 and 1622, known books of airs de cour were published from Le Roy’s book (1571) to Michel Lambert’s Airs de différents autheurs (1689).

Airs de cour by Richard and Lambert, with Joelle Morris, mezzo-soprano
• Saturday, February 7, 2015
• 7pm
• St Luke’s Cathedral Chapel
• 143 State Street, Portland, ME

House concert
• Friday, January 16, 2015
• 7pm
• Alna, ME


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