Ciaccona PURCHASE Ciaccona (theorbo solo) — Chaconne des Harlequins


Bach Meets Weiss PURCHASE Bach Meets Weiss (baroque lute) — Excerpt from Weiss Courante


Rosseter, Part 1 PURCHASE The Songs of Philip Rosseter, Part I (with Timothy Neill Johnson) — Though far from joy


Rosseter, Part II PURCHASE The Songs of Philip Rosseter, Part II (with Timothy Neill Johnson) — If she forsake me
The above two CDs comprise the first complete recording of the lute songs of Philip Rosseter, lutenist to King James I.


Lagrime Mie PURCHASE Lagrime Mie (with Jennifer Lane, mezzo) – Passacaglia Aria by Frescobaldi


Divoti Affetti PURCHASE Divoti Affetti (Jennifer Lane, mezzo; Tamara Matthews, soprano; Eric Milnes, harpsichord; Loretta O’Sullivan, ‘cello; Timothy Burris, theorbo) – First aria in J.D. Heinichen’s cantata “La Bella Fiamma” (Lane, Milnes, O’Sullivan, Burris)


Buxtehude PURCHASE The Buxtehude Project, Volume I (Sacred Cantatas)



Works of Pietro Paolo Melii (archlute and theorbo)


Dido and Aeneas (with Koorprojekt Rotterdam)
La Morte di Madonna Laura (Ensemble Pentacost


Rosseter II Bach Meets Weiss Timothy Burris logo by Rick Frantz Drowned birch back of baroque lute by Richard Berg (2002) Head of baroque lute by Richard Berg (2002) Music's Quill logo by Rick Frantz Timothy Neill Johnson Timothy Burris with archlute by Richard Berg (2007) Chaconne Theorbo by Richard Berg, Ottawa, Canada Ha que de tes conseils, by François Richard Inlaid neck of baroque lute by Brian Cohen
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